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Helping to overcome anxiety

Feeling anxious is normal but can become a problem if it is excessive or prevents you living how you want.

Anxiety Coach

I would recommend

Lee without

hesitation as he

succeeded where

others failed.

JM, Hertfordshire

Stress and Recovery Coaching

How it works

As a recovery coach, I help people to overcome anxiety based issues in a safe and trusted way, at a time and location that works for you.

I have supported the recovery of people suffering from a range of issues including Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 

(OCD), depression, phobias, 

health anxiety, panic and stress.

Recovery Coaching

I have no doubt there

are individuals who

have benefited from

Lee’s work who

otherwise may well

have made significantly

fewer gains.

Dr W, London



I provide additional help to patients by working with them in the context in which their problem arises, such as their home. This often means individuals with obsessional problems or anxiety disorders make significantly greater progress than with out-patient treatment alone.

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