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How I work

The Oxford English Dictionary defines

recovery as 'restoration or return to health

from sickness'.

Anxiety coach

Many thanks for your

outstanding support. 

Your work is life changing!

SS, London

Ultimately, how you define recovery will depend on your goal. For some, it's an ongoing journey; for others, it's a specific destination. Whatever the goal, I will guide and support you along the way.

Overcoming fear plays a major role in getting on the road to recovery.  Anxiety and avoidance go hand in hand as you tend to avoid what you perceive as harmful or dangerous. Engaging in avoidance or safety seeking behaviours will provide short-term relief, but will strengthen and reinforce the unrealistic perception of threat or danger in the long term.

Many of us can make progress with the support of coaching or therapy. However, for some the idea of undertaking home-work tasks is just too much and progress may stall.

Healthcare professionals agree that treating people where their issues occur is the most effective way of ensuring a lasting recovery.  However, time and resource limitations may prevent this from happening and most treatment is delivered in the consulting room.  This can often mean people face their fears alone in the real world.


You always have a choice

Choosing to change how you feel about a situation that makes us anxious is a key component to success. Simply learning to tolerate what you perceive as dangerous or threatening and how to manage your emotions more effectively through better self-regulation, will enable you to experience more positive outcomes. This change in how you see the world will help you to build resilience and create new helpful habits.

In a safe and supportive manner, I’ll teach you how to overcome your anxiety in real-life situations.  Whether you experience anxiety at home, whilst travelling on public transport or in your car for example, I will help you to understand your current reality and how to build a brighter vision for your future.

I’ll do this by ensuring that the appropriate level of support is offered by creating a structured and achievable treatment plan with you. This can be carried out under the supervision of a healthcare professional with the aim of achieving meaningful change – enabling you not only to recover but to flourish.

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