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Healthcare Professionals

I provide additional support to patients

who have been unable to make

significant progress independently.

OCD Coaching

I have collaborated with 

Lee on delivering

home-based ERP for 

individuals with complex

and/or severe obsessional 

problems. His patience, 

creativity and willingness 

to persevere have been


RW, London

Frequently, assisted ERP can help overcome blocks in progress and help the patient to engage more fully in facing their fears at home. 

Commonly, the patients I support are able to actively participate in ERP exercises or behavioural experiments when supervised in the consulting room but are unable to sustain their progress or struggle to undertake such work on their own. 

Working independently or in partnership under supervision, my work supporting patients has helped to improve goal attainment and reduce relapse rates for many.

If you are a healthcare professional and require further information or wish to make a referral, please click here to get in touch.

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